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"I like to think of possibilities as if they were as endless as an ocean."

-Alisstor King-


I had always like to doodle. Same as anyone else, I would find myself drawing things familiar to me, sometimes out of boredom, or just to see if I could. I never took it seriously though, that was my brother's talent. I on the other hand "painted" with my words.  As a practitioner in the fields of poetry and hip-hop, I have been known as Tony Styxx, a performance artist, for almost 10-12 before I started taking digital art seriously.

That was until my mother had passed, and I would find myself unable to write or perform how empty and hurt I felt. No matter how much I tried, the words just wouldn’t come. I remember my mother coloring. She’d sit for hours on the couch and just color as many pages as possible. Looked as if it gave her peace. I could use some of that peace, so I started looking through the app store to see if they have a program where I could just freely color my trauma and cares away. I found a few apps, some were just “ok” and then there were others that really sparked creativity like SketchBook Pro. Long story short, I then found myself deeply emerged in the realm of digital art. Coloring, copying and pasting, editing and erasing, all to create images that would allow me to heal, and maybe even bring a sense of joy or wonder to anyone who would see my works. So just as my mother would use art to ease her pain, I too followed her footsteps. Create art until you are emotionally, mentally, and maybe spiritually “elsewhere.” Anywhere but sitting in a current place or state of pain or negative feelings.

I feel that art is the most genuine bridge between emotions and creativity. I believe that you can inspire and even alter the minds of others through artistic expression. Whether it is brand building, or simply creating pieces that just make people jaws drop and hearts stop, I am dedicated to making sure I am always giving the best my brand can offer to ensure you have the best experience you can have while visiting Elsewhere.

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