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When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, it’s vital to use the right combination to create a stylish and visually appealing design. I'll ask you questions down to the very detail to ensure that we bring your vision to life.

How it works

You schedule a time to speak with me about your vision. After hearing all the details, we then discuss the budget and cost for the project(s).

Projects that are paid in full are given priority.

Deposits: deposits can be no less than 50% of any cost $100 dollars or less. Deposits can be no less than 75% of any project of $125.00 or more

Failed to complete: Projects that do not meet satisfaction after three (3) attempts are subject to a refund of HALF of the initial payment. For example, if a deposit of $50 is made, $25 dollars will be refunded.**

Refunds: Refunds are paid on the 15th of each month, if a refund is claimed after the 15th of the present month, the refund will be deposited on the 15th of the following month. Refunds have been known to arrive sooner. The 15th of each month is a safe expectation.

If a deposit was made, upon completion of the project, no images will be sent via email until final payment has been made. 

Packaging: Packages include the sketch if images had to be drawn through design, all color variants that were saved as the editing process evolved, SVG, PNG, JPEG as well.

Package 1:  $75 

Logo design, 1 color swap, PNG file, well-hidden watermark. 5 dollars per edit for 30 days.

Package 2: $150

Logo design, 3 color swaps, PNG, JPEG, SVG, sketch files, no watermark, free edits for 30 days after completion, 12*12 print of your logo

Once completed certain packages include editing free of charge for up to 4 weeks. once those 30 days are up, any changes are subject to charge.

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